“Just Let Me Blast ‘Em”

April 17, 2010

You know, I have always credited my dry and sarcastic sense of humor with watching The Real Ghostbusters hundreds and hundreds of times as a child, and looking up to Peter the most.  But I also picked up another one of Peter's trademarks from Season One and the Syndicated shows, his temper.

For those that have net yet read the "Who Did Mattel Call?" Ledger entry, I advice you to go do so now.  Don't worry I'll wait for you to come back.  Click here to read it.

Okay, now that you are up to speed with the Real Ghostbusters Peter figure from Mattel, it's time to discuss what was revealed last night, after I had posted yesterday's Ledger.  Last evening, Matty Collector released the following Press Images and description for the San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure.

Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman ($20)

Our all-new line of Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters figures arrives this fall, but you can get the first figure at SDCC! We'll have an exclusive variant version of Peter Venkman as a spooky spirit when his outfit was possessed in episode 11 "Citizen Ghost" (variant version has all green clear skin). Best of all, Peter Venkman talks! Just press the button on his chest to hear four lines of his dialog from the episode.

So let me make this clear.  The figure they have shown on Attack of the Show, and even in their own Press Images is incorrect.  Instead of the normal human Peter as shown, the figure will be based off of the "ecto clone" of Peter from "Citizen Ghost".  Fine, that's cool, but what about the Proton Pack and Proton Gun?  You know, the one that is supposed to look like this.

Well a Mattel employee by the username of "darklantern2" explained the garbage as this.

Hey, guys, so I can confirm there will be a translucent green variant of this figure, complete with marshmallow spots on the uniform.  It's awesome.  And the voice is nearly identical to that of Lorenzo Music.  He is the first in a new line of figures that will be exclusive to Toys R Us.  They will have blue packs.  The packs aren't meant to be identical to the show.  It's a loving recreation of a simplified movie pack that any Mego would be proud to wear.  I hope you guys give this line a chance.  It's really awesome.

Oh yes, you are reading correctly.  Not only is Mattel too cheap to actually take real sound bites from the show itself, they also decided that collectors do not want a REAL Ghostbusters Proton Pack.  No instead, they feel that fans and collectors deserve a "loving recreation of a simplified movie pack".  WRONG! 

This is a slap in the face to any adult fan and collector of The Real Ghostbusters.  Mattel puts tons of effort in making the movie style figures as close to accurate as possible, including the packs, traps, and PKE Meters.  But when it's time to do the same for The Real Ghostbusters toys, no let's just give them repainted modified piece of trash for a pack accessory.

I may indeed be taking this a bit too seriously, but I will explain.  When I set out to build my Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack last year, I knew it was going to be hard to take something that only existed in a cartoon, and try and figure out real world measurements, dimensions and materials.  You know why I still did it though?  It wasn't to show off, it wasn't to win some costume contest, it wasn't done so I would be cool, it wasn't done for any money.  No, I worked hours and hours, along with my father and grandfather, to make The Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack because I love the show.  I did it all because I wanted to.

So here comes Mattel, who is making these products, supposedly with collectors in mind, to sell and make a profit.  Yet, they say basically that they can not be bothered to hire a few employees, and PAY them to do the same thing I did; that the adult collectors simply are not worth that effort.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is disrespectful.

A GBFans.com Moderator, Kingpin, summed it up with his words,

Pardon my bluntness, but then that's not The Real Ghostbusters.  That's "someone's interpretation, packaged with a Real Ghostbusters Peter figure".

Plastic or cloth based, if I'm buying a Real Ghostbusters figure and he's supplied with a Pack, I want the Pack I saw in the cartoon... I know that it's not difficult to replicate it because Kenner did it two decades ago.  I don't want to own a "loving recreation of a simplified movie pack that any Mego would be proud to wear".  These aren't movie figures, why should he be wearing a simplified movie Pack?

I don't own any Mego figures, and the case to convince me to buy this one has been steadily sliding down hill... word of a "ghost clone" variant was a good start to reversing that... but to have done such a good job in terms of accuracy with the bits of kit that've been packaged with the 6 inch movie line so far, only to go and feature "someone's interpretation"...  I don't think I can finish that without being unfair to you and your staff.

If it were a stylized line not based on the cartoon, there wouldn't have been any complaints... but if you're gonna call it a Real Ghostbusters line, you've got to stay loyal to the designs that were seen in the show.

This just really sickens me.  For all the glory and awesomeness that is the movie style Ghostbusters figures, Mattel tries to pull off this utter nonsense, it's wrong, it is just wrong on all levels.  I do plan on getting these Ledger entries to the attention of Mattel, because this insult cannot continue.

I will close out with these words to Mattel.  You can spit in the face of every Real Ghostbusters fan, say detail is not worth it for these figures, and just be out right jerks about this entire mess, but at the end of the day, I am always going to remain fan of The REAL Ghostbusters.  So Mattel, as Dr. Ray Stanz said, "Say goodnight fellas, cause the REAL Ghostbusters are here to stay."

Have a Nice Day


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