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April 2, 2010

Let’s first start off with an update to the IDW Ghostbusters Con-Volution comic due out this summer.  If you didn’t catch my edit to the “Cancellations, Comics & Gimmicks” entry, I’ll fill you in.  I made a mistake and thought that the comic was centered on a Revolutionary War story.  Incorrect, upon further research I found that it actually deals with comic conventions.  This is fitting since the summer is the time for the biggest convention; the San Diego Comic Con. 

Also you’ll see the new cover for the Con-Volution comic above.  This was posted via eBay auction by Josh Howard, the illustrator of this cover.  It features our favorite guys in baize at a convention with some monstrous creature coming up behind them.  Meanwhile Ray is enthralled in a comic.  However, as some fans have pointed out, Ray probably should have been reading Captain Steel.  I must say that I think this cover is better than the other.  I enjoy the artwork more on this one and hope this is the art style inside the book.

Moving onto Iron Man.  After posting my “Starting Up” entry, I started doing some research on Toyark.com.  It was there that I managed to learn some pleasing news.  While I had thought that I would not have a 5 or 6 inch figure of Iron Man & War Machine from the second film, I soon found those theories false.  Toyark.com revealed that Wal-Mart stores would be the exclusive retailer for the Mark VI & War Machine 6 Inch Figures.  They should be available within the coming months.  So it looks like these will need to be added to my collection.  Toyark.com also revealed that Hasbro will indeed be releasing a second Arc Reactor, this one based off of the new design shown in the film; that of a triangle shape.

As I’ve said before, I’ve never really been that big of a comic book guy.  I tried getting into the Ultimate Spider-Man series around the time it started, but due to Marvel being a company that disrespects subscribers, local comic book stores being run by jerks, and my “friends” at the time stabbing me in the back, that phase did not last long.  So since then I’ve just stuck to buying only Ghostbusters comics.  So why is there a picture of Superman Issue #700 headlining this part of the entry?  Simple, while reading the DC Universe Blog, I found possibly the greatest & strongest push for me to get back into comics.  That being none other than. . .

J. Michael Straczynski!  Okay, okay let me explain.  Mr. Straczynski is known to those of us in the Ghostbusters fandom as the main Story Editor & Writer for a number of episodes of The Real Ghostbusters.  Among those are some of my all time favorite episodes.  J. Michael Straczynski is a HUGE part of what made The Real Ghostbusters a success.  His stories never talked down to you.  His story telling was like no other and I’ve always respected his GB work. 

So a couple of weeks ago while reading through the DC Universe Blog I read that J. Michael Straczynski, starting with Superman #701, will be the writer for the Superman comic as well as Wonder Woman, starting with #601.  This really got my excitement level up.  This would be the perfect point for me to jump into comics and start with a writer I know will always give his best.

Also, I highly recommend everyone read Mr. Straczynski’s thoughts & comments on Superman & Wonderman – Click here to read it.  It contains a very inspirational & moral lesson.  What are you waiting for, go read it now!

So if the great Stracynski (ha ha GB joke) wasn’t enough to get me excited about comic books again, here comes another excellent title; Batman Beyond.  Again I’ll bring some of you up to speed.  Back in 1999 a brand new Batman animated series debuted on Kids WB.  It was set in the 2039 Neo Gotham where Bruce Wayne can no longer be the Dark Knight due to age & a heart condition.  The city has become a pile of corruption.  Enter the troubled youth of Terry McGinnis (voiced by Will Friedle – BOOYAH!).  Terry just happens to find the Batcave and dawns the most recent Batsuit to get revenge on those responsible for killing his father.  But Terry continues on as the New Batman with the guidance of Bruce. 

This series was spectacular to say the least.  It really got into the dark and grittier side of the Batman story.  While I haven’t seen the entire series, the episodes I did watch always had me completely drawn in. 

Again reading from the DC Universe Blog, I found that Batman Beyond is coming to the comic universe starting in June with a six-issue mini-series by Adam Beechen.  So now this just took the fire that was burning from Mr. Stracynski writing Superman, and threw a gallon of gas on that fire.  Now I’m even more excited and want to pick up this six-issue series featuring a truly awesome Batman.

Okay, most of you should know by now from my Ledger & Twitter page that I’m totally hyped about the iPad.  At the time I’m writing this, I’m probably just a day away from having my own iPad.  So why does this belong in a comic-centric entry you ask.  Simple, the future I see for the iPad.  Many tech writers have mentioned how they’d like to see comic books enter the iBooks world. 

Comic books for the most part have been very slow to join in on the internet accessible media arena.  Yes the major companies keep their fans up to date with news & blogs on their sites, but as far as offering online versions of their comics for the casual fans to buy & retain, that hasn’t come about.  IDW comics has released some of their works on Apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch though. 

So with the iPad coming with a full book sized screen, I think it would only be natural for comic book companies to follow suite of the major book publishers, and begin releasing their main titles on the iBooks store.  It’s been mentioned that since Steve Jobs is the biggest share holder in Disney, and since Disney purchased Marvel Comics last year, this would be a perfect opportunity for Marvel to jump on the iPad bandwagon. 

Now before any collectors start yelling at me and saying digital versions will decrease the value of their comics, let me rebut that.  Collectors would still be able to go into their local comic shops every Wednesday and get the real physical issues that would have value.  However, for fans like myself that don’t have time to drive twenty or more minutes to the nearest shop, or just don’t care to constantly order comics online, a digital copy would fit us perfectly.  Would we own a physical version?  No, we’d only have a digital copy that cannot increase in value, nor could it be resold. 

So bottom line, I think its high time DC, Marvel & other major comic companies joined this revolution.

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