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March 9, 2010

Let's get this ball rolling.  This entry will be covering the new Iron Man 2 movie trailer, as well as some of the new toys, my recent purchase of the DC Universe Classics Green Lantern figure & future White Lantern Ring, the next three Ghostbusters figures set to be released by Matty Collector, the future IDW Ghostbusters Project with James Eatock & Dan Schoening, the Apple iPad release, and the CBS Comedy "The Big Bang Theory".

Iron Man 2 Trailer & Toys

So just in case you've not learned, the new Iron Man 2 trailer debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Sunday night after the Oscars.  You can watch the trailer by clicking here.  Now I consider myself more of a DC Comics kind of guy, but Iron Man probably is the one Marvel Superhero I enjoy, and this trailer did not disappointment.  I like the new design of the Mark VI armor, as well as the Mark V "Suitcase" Armor.  War Machine looks very well done and Robert Downey Junior's performance is again spot on.  This is definitely on my "must see" movie list for this year.

Also the new Iron Man 2 toys have begun arriving in retail stores.  I've noticed that Hasbro has finally learned that when the country is in a recession, you need to try and make toys more affordable for parents to buy for their children.  This is obviously the case in the new movie main figures being reduced down to four inches.  From all I've seen thus far, the toys look pretty cool, though the role play helmet looks way to wide, not to mention expensive.  The Arc Reactor is nice, though I expect it to be too heavy for any normal t-shirt to hold in place well.  And then there's all the extra non-movie shown toys.  Too bad I won't have a 5 inch Mark VI figure to stand next to my Mark III figure from the first movie.

DC Universe -- Classic Figures & White Lantern Ring

First let me explain that I don't read any comic books besides Ghostbusters comics, but I still love the DC Comics Superheroes.  I have watched many DC Comic cartoon series though, which is where I developed my taste for them over Marvel.  So in wanting to have some of these great heroes in toy form, I recently decided to start getting some basic hero figures from the DC Universe.  After some online research and budgeting I finally decided to buy the DC Universe Classics figures.  So in January I managed to get the Series 11 Superman, Batman, Flash & Hal Jordan Green Lantern Figures.  Next, thanks to eBay, I managed to get the Series 4 Wonder Woman & Series 11 Joker all for very reasonable prices.  So this left me having a nice collection that fit my needs and what I really wanted; most core Justice League heroes and the greatest evil villain ever.  

For some time I was on the fence of whether or not I should turn to eBay to get the Series 3 Hal Jordan Green Lantern.  Flash forward to this past Sunday and my normal trip to Wal-Mart.  What do I find hanging on the rack, why a re-release of the Hal Jordan Green Lantern figure!  So I quickly grabbed the figure and headed for the check out lane.  This is why it pays to go to Wal-Mart before 7:00 AM folks.  Now I have a nice DC Hero Team.  All I'd like to have now is a Classics figure of the Martian Manhunter.  I know there hasn't been a DC Universe Classics figure made of him yet, but I'll keep my eyes open for future series releases.  Should anyone get word that he will be released, feel free to let me know on Twitter.

Booyah, that is awesome.  Back in January I also purchased the 8 Ring Blackest Night set on eBay for $15.  Again, I may not read the comics, but I still love the heroes and their gadgets, the Lantern rights being one of my absolute favorites.  Now I knew that after "Blackest Night" finished up in the DC Universe, there were plans for the "Brightest Day" saga.  So my fingers had been crossed for some time with the hopes that a White Lantern Right would indeed be released.  And while reading through some information last week, I just happen to find out that indeed a White Lantern Ring will be released.  From what I understand, for every 25 issues of "Brightest Day #1" a comic store orders by April 15th, they'll be able to purchase a bag of 50 White Lantern Rings for $8.00 a bag.  

Now I avoid a certain local Comic Store Chain because most of their employees are jerks, so my plans for getting this ring are simple; eBay.  I can't wait for April to get here and my Lantern Ring Collection to get another member.

Future Ghostbusters Figures & Comic Project

On March 2, Mattel released information on future releases for their Matty Collector lines.  This of course includes the Ghostbusters 6 Inch & 12 Inch Figures.  Now while the dates got a little jumbled over the weeks leading up to the release, and even a couple days afterwards, Mattel now seems to have the following release dates laid out as follows:

  1. March 2010 — No GB Releases

  2. April 2010 — Ghostbusters™ 12″ Peter Venkman™

  3. May 2010 — Ghostbusters™ 6″ Walter Peck™ (with containment unit)

  4. June 2010 — Ghostbusters™ 6″ Peter Venkman™ with Slimer

One thing to keep in mind is that these dates are always subject to change, so I recommend checking MattyCollector.com often for updates.  And for any left wondering, yes I'll be buying all of these figures as I've all ready bought all the previous releases.

Let me try and bring everyone up to speed quickly.  In 2009, James Eatock (Cereal Geek Magazine) & Dan Schoening (Dapper Dan) put together a 10 Issue Ghostbusters Comic Book Pitch and sent it to IDW, sadly they were turned down.  So at the end of February 2010, James & Dan released the pages & most of the information they had submitted.  In the days that followed fan support spread like wildfire.  

So yesterday (March 8, 2010) Tom Waltz, the chief Ghostbusters Editor at IDW, came out to explain that basically the reason for James & Dan being turned down was that as it stands now, the Ghostbusters Comics are not strong enough in orders & sales to make a 10 Issue saga or on going series.  The denial had nothing to do with James & Dan's talents as everyone at IDW loved their work, as does the movie studio.

However, now we've learned that IDW is planning on working with James & Dan for a future Ghostbusters project.  James posted the above image on his Twitter page.  Details on what exactly that project is aren't known right now, but if it's anything close to what these guys came up with to start, it's going to be awesome.  I highly recommend Ghsotbusters fans check out both Cereal Geek Magazine & Dapper Dan's Deviant Art Page, you won't be disappointed.

Gotta Have My Apple iPad

If it's one thing I'll admit to being addicted to, it's my iPod Touch.  I use it every day for music, e-mail, Twitter, stock checking, weather and much more.  So when Steve Jobs debuted the iPad back on January 27th, from just my first views of it, I thought "Okay it's a bigger iPod Touch".  Well needless to say I did my research and found a lot more.  Now granted I know the iPad has it's critics for lack of Adobe Flash Support, no multi-tasking, no camera, the name itself, etc... but the more I read, the more I began to really like this product.  What really sold me on it was the two things.  First is the iBooks that will be available on the iPad.  While a Kindle or Sony e-reader is nice, I want more functions out of my technology, and the iPad has it.  Second, when I learned that Apple would be making the iPad versions of the iWorks Suite, and charging only basically $10 for each part of the suite, I was sold and knew I'd be getting "Pages" (word processor) for the iPad.

I know some are probably asking the question of "Why not just get a netbook or laptop Linear?"  Simple, I have a laptop and I do use it from time to time, but it's primarily used for just the four to six hours I spend once a week when scanning & backing up my PC.  With the iPad I'll be able to take it around my house and browse the internet with a bigger screen, read books without carrying them around, and most of all, type on the iPad without the balancing act that comes with laptops.  

I am looking forward into what the iPad can truly become.  I think Major League Baseball is making some deal with Apple to where you'd be able to watch live baseball games on the iPad.  So if the MLB can do this, so could all sports, and eventually network TV.  I think in time, the days of being away from Television will decrease, as you'll actually be able to watch live shows & events via the iPad or other tablets.  I've also read that a lot of college text book publishers are looking into putting their texts on the iBooks store.  This could help college students a ton by decreasing the heavy load of books they'd have to carry around.  

The way I look at it, the sky is really the limit with the iPad and I can't wait to order mine this coming Friday.  To learn more about the iPad click here.

The Big Bang Theory - Are You Watching?

Since the dawn of time there have always been geeks, nerds, or whatever name  you like.  Me personally, I always call myself just a nerd.  But it's only been in the past 10 years or so that Hollywood has found out something about those with high intelligence and enjoy Science Fiction; most of us have a lot of expendable income.  So in recent years we've seen more movies and television series that are drawn more towards the appeal of my liking.  One of the CBS's biggest hit comedies is one of those.

The Big Bang Theory airs Monday nights at 9:30 PM ET / 8:30 PM CT and it is one of the funniest shows on television, at least to me.  It centers around four nerdy geniuses and a valley girl who lives across the hall from them.  Each weeks the show does an excellent job of not only entertaining, but also working in tons of geek-speak from Comics, to SyFy Shows, to movies, novels & anime.  Now for those that haven't seen the show, I'm sure you think that there's no way the writers could actually get the geek-facts correct for the shows.  You'd be wrong.  When you watch the show, and you consider yourself a nerd or geek or what have you, you'll soon learn that the writers for the show know their stuff.  They have tons of DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek and other various science fiction collectibles placed in the background.  The information spoken in their lines when talking of such things are dead on accurate.  They even featured Stan Lee himself in the episode that aired on March 1, 2010. 

This show is a must see for any person who proudly considers themselves geeky or nerdy.  It will make you laugh till you cry.  Plus it has all ready had spots where both Power Rangers & Ghostbusters have been mentioned.  I highly recommend giving it a look if you haven't checked it out yet.

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