“Linear Powers Up with Blog Power”

March 9, 2010

So I've always been a person that never saw the real appeal of blogging.  It's just been something I thought people did to just put their own life journal online.  However, over the course of the past year or so, two main blogs have shown me otherwise.  The Heropower Live Journal & Greg Aronowitz's blogspot caught my attention and the more I read their postings, the more I realized that a "blog" doesn't have to be boring life ramblings, instead it can be online articles about specific subjects of interests.  So I finally decided to make my own blog or "Ledger" as I'll be calling it.

Some things you'll probably notice are first that this isn't a Live Journal or Blogspot or any free blogging site setup.  No I've created this ledger from scratch.  I've based it on a normal blog type of design with a bit of my own tastes to it.  You'll also note that there is no place for users to leave feedback or comments (imagine a wide grin on my face).  To put it simply I don't like trolls, and there are just too many people out there that troll the internet just to leave rude messages or spam, so this in a way is like a "old school" newspaper, you read it and then comment to yourself about it. 

You'll notice five main links over to your left, along with the twitter link.  "Home" will always take you to the main ledger page, "Archives" will list all the ledger entries & their dates, "Cool People" is a small list of links to other blogs, journals, podcasts or video reviews (sorry no submisions), "Main Site" will direct you to LinearRanger.com, and finally "Webmaster" is just the typical page giving a brief description about myself. 

Moving on, let's go over what the "Linear Ranger's Ledger" will actually cover.  This journal will primarily talk about the items in the worlds of Science Fiction & Technology that interest me.  The main topics will be things like Power Rangers, Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ghostbusters, Comic book Characters, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Kim Possible, and new Technlogy that I enjoy.  I'll probably do postings in groups where I talk about a few topics.  Postings will be made at least once I week, I hope.  While I will talk at some length of some of the various toys I purchase, don't expect full blow reviews like I do with Power Rangers toys.  Don't expect to see any postings concerning my personal life, trust me it would not interest you.

So that's about everything for this introduction.  So I look forward to this new endeavor and I hope you enjoy it.

Have a Nice Day

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